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While the style of this webstyle conforms with what is considered the norm in many respects it departs from this in some aspects-

Background: Background in this website is colorful (and sometimes animated) especially in introductory pages and in some very strictly academic pages to illustrate some academic principles with animations. Check this front page. They are deliberately kept in order to make pages more active and less static. The website is designed mainly for young people below the age of thirty years studying for their professional examinations in Medicine, curious non professional young adults and adults using it for continuing education in medicine and as a form of electronic dictionary. Pages should not be boring and uninteresting. More than 90% of young users use internet for entertainment. We found that the young people prefer something more active with dynamic pages which include videos and very interesting animations that capture imagination and helps the young to learn faster. You can compare with disco lights, and colorful pubs. This goes contrary to the modern style of minimalization to some extent. The present functional front page has minimalization theme!

Animations: The use of animations is also to suggest active pages which encourage young people's learning, especially visual learners. This is also true of the homepage with its introductory Dance tune.

Principles of learning: The website uses mostly illustrations to learn which helps to augment the learning theory and styles such as visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning styles.  Some people learn better with auditory stimuli while others prefer visual aids and yet others kinesthetic styles.

If however you wish to have no animations and no colorful background please click this page

Change web designs to golden, mild gold, black, white, sapphire, silver 



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