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Full Osteology video

Carpus video

Carpus short video

Clavicle video

Clavicle short video

Femur video

Femur short video

Fibula video

Fibula short video

Hip bone video

Hip bone short video

Humerus video

Humerus short video

Metacarpus video

Metacarpus short video

Metatarsus video

Metatarsus short video

Patella video

Patella short video

Pelvis video

Pelvis short video

Phalanges of foot video

Phalanges of foot short video

Phalanges of hand video

Phalanges of hand short video

Radius video

Radius short video

Ribs video

Ribs short video

Scapula video

Scapula short video

Skull video

Skull short video

Sternum video

Sternum short video

Tarsus video

Tarsus short video

Tibia video

Tibia short video

Ulna video

Ulna short video

Vertebra video

Vertebra short video




Full Embryology video

Arterial arches development video

Bone ossification video

Brain development video

Caesarean section video

Celom video

Child delivery/placenta video

Child delivery short video

Cloning video

Congenital anomalies video

Embryo folding video

Embryo growth

Embryo growth 1 (4 weeks)

Embryo growth 2 (4 weeks)

Embryo growth 3 (5 weeks)

Embryo growth 4 (Early 6 weeks)

Embryo growth 5 (Late 6 weeks)

External genitalia development video

Face development video

Female reproductive organs development video

Fetal circulation

Fertilization video

Dermatome video

Development of thyroid gland video

Development of tongue video

Development of veins video

Germ layers development video

Gonads development video

Gut development video

Heart development video

Heart interior development video

Meiosis video

Implantation-cleavage video

Implantation video

Intraembryonic celom development video

Kidney development video

Limb development video

Lung development video

Male reproductive organs development video

Ovulation and early cleavage development video

Pharyngeal arches development video

Pharyngeal pouches development video

Pharynx development video

Somites development video

Story of life

Thyroid gland development video

Veins development video





Full Histology video

Adipose tissue video

Adipose tissue microscope

Adrenal gland histology video

Adrenal gland microscope

Aorta histology video

Aorta microscope

Appendix histology video

Appendix microscope

Artery/vein histology video

Blood vessel microscope

Bone histology video

Bone microscope

Breast histology video

Breast microscope

Cardiac muscle histology video

Cardiac muscle microscope

Cerebellum microscope

Cerebrum microscope

Cochlea microscope

Colon histology video

Colon microscope

Compact bone histology video

Compact bone microscope

Duodenum histology video

Duodenum microscope

Epithelium histology video

Esophagus histology video

Esophagus microscope

Eye microscope

Fallopian tube histology video

Fallopian tube microscope

Gallbladder histology video

Gallbladder microscope

Glands histology video

Glands microscope

Hyaline cartilage histology video

Hyaline cartilage microscope

Joint articulation histology video

Joint articulation microscope

Kidney histology video

Kidney microscope

Liver histology video

Liver microscope

Lung histology video

Lung microscope

Lymph node histology video

Lymph node microscope

Mitosis video

Nerve histology video

Nerve microscope

Ovary histology video

Ovary microscope

Pancreas histology video

Pancreas microscope

Parathyroid gland histology video

Parathyroid gland microscope

Pituitary gland histology video

Pituitary gland microscope

Prostate gland microscope

Pseudostratified epithelium video

Pseudostratified epithelium microscope

Rectum histology video

Rectum microscope

Salivary gland histology video

Salivary gland microscope

Simple columnar epithelium video

Simple columnar epithelium microscope

Simple squamous epithelium video

Simple squamous epithelium microscope

Skin histology video

Skin microscope

Small intestine histology video

Small intestine microscope

Smooth muscle histology video

Smooth muscle microscope

Spinal cord histology video

Spinal cord microscope

Spleen histology video

Spleen microscope

Stomach body histology video

Stomach microscope

Stomach pylorus histology video

Stratified squamous epithelium microscope

Stratified squamous epithelium histology

Striated muscle histology video

Striated muscle microscope

Tendon histology video

Tendon microscope

Testis histology video

Testis microscope

Thymus histology video

Thymus microscope

Thyroid gland histology video

Thyroid gland microscope

Tongue histology video

Tongue microscope

Tonsil histology video

Tonsil microscope

Trachea histology video

Trachea microscope

Transitional epithelium histology video

Tissue processing video

Tissue processing long video

Urinary bladder histology video

Urinary bladder microscope

Uterus histology video

Uterus microscope

Vas deferens histology video

Vas deferens microscope

Yellow elastic cartilage video

Yellow elastic cartilage microscope


Histology explanatory videos


Adipose tissue

Adrenal gland





Cardiac muscle


Cerebral cortex



Compact bone

Ductus deferens




Fallopian tube



Hyaline cartilage





Lymph node




Parathyroid gland

Pituitary gland

Prostate gland

Pseudostratified epithelium


Salivary gland

Simple columnar epithelium

Simple cuboidal epithelium

Simple squamous epithelium


Small intestine

Spinal cord



Striated muscle




Thyroid gland




Transitional epithelium


Urinary bladder


Yellow elastic cartilage






Full neuroanatomy video

Brain movie



Neuroanatomy audio

Introduction to the CNS audio

Ventricles audio

Limbic system audio

Blood supply to the CNS audio

Optic tract audio

Midbrain audio

Diencephalon audio

Cerebrum video

Basal ganglia audio

Medulla audio

Pons audio



Gross anatomy


Ankle dissection video


Palm layer 1

Palm layer 2

Palm layer 3

Palm layer 4

Palm layer 5

Palm layer 6

Palm layer 7

Palm layer 8

Palm layer 9

Palm layer 10


Pelvis (female)

Pelvis layer 1

Pelvis layer 2

Pelvis layer 3

Pelvis layer 4

Pelvis layer 5

Pelvis layer 6

Pelvis layer 7

Pelvis layer 8

Pelvis layer 9

Pelvis layer 10

Pelvis layer 11


Pelvis (male)

Pelvis layer 1

Pelvis layer 2

Pelvis layer 3

Pelvis layer 4

Pelvis layer 5

Pelvis layer 6

Pelvis layer 7

Pelvis layer 8

Pelvis layer 9

Pelvis layer 10

Pelvis layer 11


Living Anatomy


Full Living anatomy video

Living anatomy of liver video




Surgical knot video

Episiotomy repair video

Herniotomy video








Simulated surgery on cadavers

Orthopedic surgery


Medial parapatellar approach to knee joint

Posterior (Southern) approach to hip joint

Medial approach to ankle joint

Exposure of buttock

Anterolateral approach to shaft of femur


Simulated surgeries: Thorax


Exploratory thoracotomy video
Sternotomy video
Transdiaphragmatic laparotomy video
Cervical esophagogastrostomy video
Colonic interposition video
Esophagocolic anastomosis video

Simulated surgeries: Abdomen
Bowel resection, anastomoses
Cholecystectomy (open)
Culdotomy video
Culpotomy video
Cystostomy video
Gastrectomy video
Feeding jejunostomy (tube)
Ileostomy video
Colostomy video
Hepatectomy, partial video
Inguinal hernia video
Female inguinal hernia video
Herniotomy video
Herniorrhaphy video
Bassini video
Tanner Slide vieo
Fascial repair video

Hysterectomy video
Laparotomy video
Liver biopsy video
Lobectomy, lung video
Lobectomy, liver video
Pyloroplasty video
Gastroenterostomy video
Intestinal resection and reconstruction video
Abdomino-perineal excision of rectum video
Peri-anal approach to rectum video
Pancreatectomy video
Pancreaticojejunosotomy video
Transduodenal sphincteroplasty video
Cystgastrostomy video
Cystjejunostomy video
Cholecystojejunostomy video
Nephrectomy video
Portosystemic shunt video
Splenectomy video
Vagotomy video
Urethral stricture video
Urethral prostatectomy video
Amputation video


Cervical rib excision video
Parathyroidectomy video
Thyroidectomy video


Burr hole video
Craniotomy video


Obstetric and Gynecology


Caesarean section
Picture Caesarean section video


Obstructed labor

Delivery of placenta



Medicine/History/Clinical Examination


Alcoholism history video

Auscultation video

Blood pressure video

Commercial sex worker history video

Cor pulmonale history video

Cephalopelvic disproportion history video

Diabetes mellitus history video

General examination video

History video

Hypertension history video

Joint pain history video

Leopard skin history video

Sickle cell disease history video

Supracondylar fracture history video



Full Clinical examination video


Abdominal breathing

Abduction of shoulder

Ankle joint

Apex beat

Ataxic gait video

Axillary lymph nodes video

Ausculation of abdomen

Auscultation of chest

Auscultation of chest from back


Cheynes-Stokes breathing

Clinical examination 1 video

Clinical examination 2 video

Clinical examination of abdomen by regions video

Clinical examination of adrenal gland video
Clinical examination of alveolar duct video
Clinical examination of anus-rectum video
Clinical examination of appendix video

Clinical examination of back
Clinical examination of brain and nervous system video
Clinical examination of bone video
Clinical examination of breast video
Clinical examination of bronchiole video
Clinical examination of bronchus video
Clinical examination of cardiac video
Clinical examination of cervix video
Clinical examination of colon video
Clinical examination of ductus deferens video
Clinical examination of ear, right video
Clinical examination of ear, left video
Clinical examination of epididymis video
Clinical examination of esophagus video
Clinical examination of eye, left video
Clinical examination of eye, right video
Clinical examination of fallopian tube video
Clinical examination of gall bladder video
Clinical examination of heart video
Clinical examination of joint video
Clinical examination of kidney video
Clinical examination of liver video
Clinical examination of larynx video
Clinical examination of lung video
Clinical examination of lymph node video
Clinical examination of mouth video
Clinical examination of nose video
Clinical examination of pancreas video
Clinical examination of parathyroid gland video
Clinical examination of pelvis video
Clinical examination of peritoneum video
Clinical examination of penis-scrotum video
Clinical examination of pharynx video
Clinical examination of prostate gland video
Clinical examination of skin
Clinical examination of skeletal muscle
Clinical examination of spleen
Clinical examination of stomach
Clinical examination of thymus
Clinical examination of thyroid gland
Clinical examination of trachea
Clinical examination of ureter
Clinical examination of vagina
Clinical examination of uterus
Clinical examination of vulva

Elevation of shoulder

Face examination (female)

Finger flexion test

Finger nose test

Fluid thrill

General examination

Head and neck lymph nodes

Hip flexion

Inspection of chest

Inspection of trunk

Inspection of abdomen

Intention tremor video

Knee extension

Knee flexion

Knee abduction

Leg elevation

Leg muscle power

Opposition of thumb

Palpation of precordium

Palpation of abdomen


Percussion of abdomen

Percussion of chest

Palpation of chest

Respiratory rate

Rest tremor video

Succussion splash

Sternoclavicular joint

Spleen examination


Upper limb examination

Wrist movements



Back muscles
Back-abdominal muscles 1
Back abdominal muscles 2
Central abdominal muscles 1
Central abdominal muscles 2
Gluteal muscles
Gluteal-hamstring muscles
Hips on abdominal muscles
Hips on back muscles
Hips on shoulder muscles
Oblique abdominal muscles 1
Oblique abdominal muscles 2












Interactive videos





History taking  
Learn clinical examination  
Long cases  
Short cases   
Clinicopathological cases  
Female examination 
Electronic clinical demonstrations  
Electronic clinical conferences  
Electronic clinicopathological conferences  
Integrated Organ examination 
Heart sounds  
Lung sounds
Osteology encyclopedia


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