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The cardinal, vitelline and the hepatocardiac veins develop  below the heart. They form series of longitudinal anastomoses which later come together to  form the definitive inferior vena cava.

The ductus venosus is also formed above the liver. It passes through the liver and is connected to the subcardinal anastomosis initially. The inferior vena cava. The inferior vena cava is  also becomes formed and its connected to the ductus venosus.

Veins are not segmental the way arteries are in the embryo. The original veins are the paired anterior and posterior cardinal veins which form the common cardinal  veins on both sides. They enter the sinus venosus. The right anterior cardinal vein forms the right internal jugular  vein and the brachiocephalic veins and also part of superior vena cava above the azygos vein. A cross anastomosis between the anterior cardinal veins form part of the brachiocepalic vein on the left. Posteriorly the subcardinal veins appear and they drain the mesonephric ridges. The body wall is drained by the supracardinal veins that appear later and the inferior vena cava  is formed from many veins. The initial ductus venosus is formed within the liver before the inferior vena cava.

Development of veins video




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