Development of pharyngeal pouches video


The pouches  (pharyngeal pouches) are endodermal in origin. They initially communicate with  the pharynx but later this communication narrows and then they form pouches which have dorsal and ventral recesses. The  tongue does not allow the formation of ventral recess in the first pouch. On each side of the dorsal  recesses of the 1st and 2nd pouch there is an expansion of the pouches to form a tubotympanic recess with a single narrow pharyngeal opening.

The ventral recess of the 2nd pouch between the palate and the tongue  forms the palatine tonsils.

The right and left ventral recess of the 3rd pouch  form the thymus gland.. The dorsal recess of the 3rd pouch forms  the parathyroid  or parathyroid 3 or inferior parathyroid gland.

The dorsal recess of the 4th pouch forms superior parathyroid gland or parathyroid 4.

The last pouch which is called the ultimobranchial body forms the pouch and releases cells which are called C cells invade the thyroid gland and produce calcitonin in the adult.

Pharyngeal pouches development video

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