Male pelvis layer 1


The pelvis refers to both the soft tissue of the region below the abdomen and abdominal cavity and also to the bones which form the support of the soft tissues, referred to as the lesser pelvis. This lesser or true pelvis has its top boundary as the pelvic brim while the greater or false pelvis is placed above it.

Both the bony and the soft tissues can be approached from the anterior abdominal wall above and also below from the perineum. The perineum carries the external genitalia which includes the penis, guarded by prepuce of penis. The penis is divided into shaft, glans penis and root of penis. The most sensitive part of the penile anatomy is the neck or the corona glandis.

The opening into the penis is the urethra. It is surrounded by the tissue corpus spongiosum. The hair bearing area of the perineum is the mons pubis. It merges above with the anterior abdominal wall.

We have seen that this layer contains external genitalia which has penis and the scrotum. The penis is carried by the perineum while the scrotum is an extension of the anterior abdominal wall.

In sum, this layer contains, mons pubis, external genitalia containing penis, with the shaft of penis, root of penis, corona glandis and glans penis which is covered with its prepuce. The prepuceis the oreskin which is removed during male circumcision


Video learning outcome: Identify mons pubis, external genitalia containing penis, prepuce of penis, corona glandis, glans penis and scrotum  on an electronic or real cadaver or on a living/clinical subject.

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