Palm layer 10



Bones of the hand include carpus, metacarpus and the phalanges.  We are now in the last layer of the palm which is the layer of bones. To recap on how to reach this layer we had removed palmar radiocarpal ligament, and dorsal interossei. The carpal bones are as follows-
,   lunate, triquetrum, pisiform. This is the proximal row of bones. The distal row of bones are as follows- trapezium, trapezoid,   capitate
 and hamate. The metacarpus are five in number. Metacarpal I is for the thumb. Metacarpal II is for the index finger, metacarpal III  is for the middle finger, Metacarpal IV is for the ring finger and metacarpal V  is for the little finger. The

Phalanges of Hand are 14 in number. We have proximal, middle and distal for the medial digits with only proximal and distal for the thumb. In sum, we have exposed the bones of the hand  which include carpus, metacarpus and the phalanges. Layer 10 is the layer of bones. The carpal bones are arranged in two rows. The scaphoids, lunate, triquetrum and pisiform are proximal row, while the trapezium, trapezoid, capitate and hamate are in distal row of bone. You have the metacarpus which are 5 in number and the phalanges which are 14 in number.

Let us now examine the spaces/ compartments of the palm - there are -thenar space, hypothenar space, midpalmar space, ulna bursa, radial bursa, adductor pollicis compartment, pulp spaces. Let us recapitulate on the 10 layers of the palm.


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