Development of Intraembryonic celom

The lateral plate mesoderm begins to develop spaces within it. And these spaces coalesce to form the intraembryonic coelom. The intraembryonic coelom surrounds the cardiogenic area which forms the pericardium and other coelomic cavities within the body wall. Intraembryonic coelom divides the  lateral mesoderm into 2 parts.The one that continues with the extraembryonic mesoderm surrounding  the amnion is called the somatic intraembryonic coelom; the one that continues with the extraembryonic mesoderm surrounding the primary yolk sac is called splanchnic extraembryonic mesoderm. The somatic intraembryonic mesoderm together with overlying ectoderm is called somatopleuric mesoderm and this forms the body wall.

The splanchnic intraembronic mesoderm and the underlying endoderm form the splanchnopleuric mesoderm and they are responsible for the covering of the walls of the gastrointestinal tract. The intraembryonic coelom forms  three main body cavities-1. pleural cavity, 2 peritoneal cavity 3 pericardial cavity.


Intraembryonic ceolom development


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