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Femur is the longest and the strongest bone in the body. It is divided into 3 parts- an upper part which has a head, neck and the two trochanters- greater trochanter and a lesser , and lower part which carries the medial and lateral condyles.

The head of femur is cylindrical and it has a pit which is called the fovea capitis by which the ligamentum teres or the round ligament of the head of the femur is attached to the head. This ligament carries blood from the acetabulum to the head of the femur. The head is smooth. The neck is also cylindrical and long. The femur has the longest neck of all the long bones and its a true surgical neck unlike the humerus that has a  distinct anatomical neck which is its growing neck as opposed to the the weakest point between the head and the shaft. This is easily liable to fracture. The neck is placed at an angle of 125o to the shaft and ends at its junction with the trochanters. The greater trochanter and lesser trochanter are both interconnected by intertrochanteric crest posteriorly and an intertrochanteric line anteriorly. The intertrochanteric  fossa is placed just inferior to the greater trochanter. The shaft of the femur begins at the trochanters. It is long and cylindrical. It joins the neck at the trochanters -greater and lesser trochanters. These trochanters are joined in front by intertrochanteric line and behind by the intertrochanteric crest. The crest has a quadrate tubercle at its middle. The shaft carries some important land marks at its back. They are, the linea aspera. The linea aspera runs from its junction with the spiral line medially and the gluteal tuberosity laterally. It then runs to the supracondylar lines inferiorly. You have the medial and the lateral supracondylar lines. The distal extremity of the femur carries the condyles and their intercondylar area. The lateral condyle  is more massive and bigger than the medial one. It carries the lateral epicondyle. The medial condyle is smaller and it has the adductor tubercle for the attachment of the adductor magnus.


Femur video






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