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The clavicle is the collar bone and it is part of the pectoral girdle and assists in swinging the upper limb away from the trunk. This is a major adaptation of primates which climb trees in brachiation. The clavicle is placed directly below the skin of the shoulder region. It is divided into a lateral 1/3, and a medial 2/3. The lateral 1/3 is flat while the medial 2/3 is cylindrical.

It has two ends by which it articulates with different bones- a sternal end with a sternal facet by which it  articulates with the sternum  and a clavicular end by which it articulates with the clavicle. The clavicle has two borders at its lateral  flattened part- they are the anterior border and the posterior border. It also has two surfaces at its flattened part. A superior surface and an inferior surface which carries the subclavian groove.

The clavicle has the following borders.  At its lateral 1/3 it as has an anterior border which carries the deltoid tubercle for attachment of the deltoid muscle and a posterior border. It also has two surfaces a superior surface and  an inferior surface. The inferior surface carries the trapezoid line for the attachment of the trapezoid ligament and a conoid tubercle for the attachment of the conoid ligament . It also has a subclavian groove by which it is attached to the subclavius muscle.


Clavicle video






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