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  • Uniqueness of Electronic School of Medicine - a 21 year project to provide alternative to modern Medical Education using Electronic Medicine. 11 years to go!

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Vision                                                                                                                                      Mission

Change/alternative-unique webstyle: Learning in this website is based on principally the use of practical for all subjects (laboratory) from which the learner proceeds to theory which is minimal and jearner-friendly based on revision. The entire website has the educational philosophy of providing alternative means of studying modern medicine which is invigorating, stimulating and above all, romantic for the young (see webstyle). Above all, it is meant for revision! Hence it uses stupendous illustrations and videos for visual learners, talk for auditory learners and skills for the kinesthetic learner. It is based on a modicum of modern learning theory and IPEM..

INTEGRATION: By far the most important utility and uniqueness of this site is the ability to place all medical subjects together in a virtual environment so that one can be linked to the other as they should be, since patients present integrated and not in subjects. Hence this is the very first true integration of discipline of Medicine. All web pages have links to every subject.

PROCEDURAL  eMEDICINE: The summary of all the above is in procedural electronic Medicine. All procedures in medicine; therapeutic and diagnostic are placed on this web as either videos or animations to teach. The use of the site, it is believed, can reduce the time to acquire important procedural skills in Medicine.  Even the layman can learn as much as is acceptable by law! This medical education style is labeled integrated procedural electronic medicine (IPEM). Check IPEM. Below are other unique aspects of the site in subjects-

Embryology: First program to have all processes in human embryology  animated for easy understanding. It has a body link scan.

Histology: Histology is completely integrated with division into histophysiology, histopharmacology, histopathology and histochemistry with scan. Not only that, microenvironment of tissues are animated to examine functions at microscopic level and biosociology to include ultrastructure. First of its kind.

Gross anatomy: All items can be located with the use of digital locator which identifies and locates any structural item, by its region and depth. Each item also has many diagrams and pictures to illustrate it. Muscles actions are animated with videos. There is an elementary and electronic dissector of the human body and advanced dissector and a cadaver based virtual museum in addition to other museums. There is also a Dissect-it-yourself program that dissects all parts of the body by clicking.

Physiology: Instrument physiology is highlighted. Physiological processes are animated and integrated with histology and histochemistry.

Biochemistry: Defines all structural building blocks of the human body.

Pathology: There is a pathology museum with numerous pictures of many diseases conditions. A virtual postmortem can be performed. Again general pathological processes (such as wound healing) are animated.

Pharmacology: Deals with basic histopharmacology which will form the basis for therapeutics in the future of the website.

Medicine: Examination of virtual patients with long and short cases which are as real as actual examination. Auscultation, inspection  and percussion can be performed with ease using  mouse or hamster for any part of the virtual body and all abnormal and normal sounds with phonograms can be displayed. Palpation may be only achieved with minimal to medium dexterity. Clinical signs are animated and all clinical investigations (laboratory, radiology postmortem etc) can be ordered by just a touch of mouse. All clinical features have links to their basic and pathological sciences for maximum understanding. This is the first program of its kind. See Electronic Doctor.

Electronic Patient: This is the only program that has achieved success in the process of mimicking electronic patients' clinical signs and symptoms for virtual and personal study outside the hospital setting.

Surgery: Animated and picture surgery to include videos of various processes of surgical procedures. See hernia surgery and Electronic Surgery. All instruments are displayed.

Obstetrics: All child delivery procedures are animated for easy understanding. All instruments are displayed for maximum learning. Electronic Midwife

Community Health. With a complete public health museum and a vast array of pictures in  gallery of tropical diseases it also ventures into virtual communities for community diagnoses.

Clinical examination/evaluation: Traditional methods of long cases and short cases of the OSCE (objective structured clinical assessment) variety called eOSCE are provided in this website using mimiced patient diseases processes called electronic patients. A long case can take up to 1 hour and a short one ranges from 1 minute to 15 minutes. It is the brightest of the functionalities of this site for examinations are also evaluated and can be used by the clinician/teacher to examine all his students at a go without the need for feeding patients etc., under the examinations module. For the student it provides revision under the study or tutorials methods of learning quizzes.


There is a prominent teachers page which highlights various items for display from this website in the class room, using modern mobile phone modems etc,  for on-line examinations, tutorials, study and even games projected in the classroom.

FUTURE: This website is presently MAINLY for diagnosis rather than therapeutics. The next phase of its future development will be treatment of all disease conditions and integration with electronic machines and gadgetry. It is a 21 year project built in three phases. The first phase which began in August 2001 ended in November 2008.

Enjoy this website, whether you are a teacher or a student. It is for you!

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