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Amateur Program designed for amateurs with a general tour of the website
Anatomy Bible Program designed to examine and search all items of human anatomy
Beginner's Page Program designed for beginners in Medicine
Teacher's page Page which includes all links and URLs (addresses) for use by teachers in a digital classroom
Electronic Courses All courses in Medicine in the entire website
Electronic Laboratories All laboratories, practical, clinics and surgeries for all subjects of medicine
Electronic OSCE (objective structured clinical examination) All examinations in medicine to include study, tutorial and real examinations
Virtual Human Osteology Museum Museum containing only bones
Dissect-it-yourself program Program which dissects all parts of the human body from one layer to another or on a complete region
Electronic Dissector- Elementary Program that dissects the entire human body with only few structures labeled
Electronic Dissector-Advanced Program that dissects the entire body with all structures labeled
Electronic Doctor Program that assists the doctor in making diagnosis of virtual sick patients
Electronic Midwife Program designed to teach the fundamentals of child delivery for simple and complicated cases
Electronic Surgeon Program designed to teach surgery by anatomy simulation and surgical videos
Electronic Fractures Program designed to teach principles of fracture causation and management
Electronic Postmortem Program designed to perform virtual postmortem on virtual cadavers
Electronic Library Contains all items in the website
Electronic Diseases Contains 100 most common diseases
Electronic Investigations Contains all investigations known to humankind
Electronic Dictionary of terms Contains all nomenclature in medicine and anatomy
Integration of Organs Program which integrates all subjects in medicine for each organ selected
Clinical examination, integrated Program which integrates clinical examination with clinical and preclinical subjects
Clinical Specialties, integrated Program for clinical specializations which are integrated between all clinical subjects
Dentistry Prolegomena of dentistry and study of teeth
Digital Locator Program which locates any structure by depth in the body and highlights it
Electronic procedures Program designed to teach all procedures in medicine
Electronic School The entire Electronic School of Medicine program for 10 semesters
Electronic Anatomy Items Search Search for all anatomy items in the human body
Electronic Gross Anatomy Page Gross anatomy items
Electronic Medical Dictionary Search for all medical items using the medical dictionary
Clinical conferences Clinical cases discussed in multidisciplinary sessions
Clinicopathological conferences Clinical cases woven into pathological postmortem diagnoses
Clinical demonstration Clinical demonstration for preclinical students
Saturday school Program designed to administer quizzes to students in all courses in medicine for 18 months
Anatomy Game Program for playing anatomy games similar to Ludo game
Atlas of the Human Body A simple Atlas of the entire human body
Osteology Tutorial Extensive tutorial course on individual bones
Osteology presentation Tutorial course on individual bones in animated Power Point Presentations
Osteology Encyclopedia Encyclopedia of all human bones
Professional Examinations All professional examinations in Medicine
Tropical diseases All tropical diseases highlighted
High technology medicine A modest list of high technological medical conditions such as IVF etc





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Electronic clinicopathological conferences  
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