The most exciting aspects of eOSCE in this application remain the long cases which take 1 hour each in the following areas::

Student Information

OSCE refers to objective structured clinical evaluation or examination which was introduced many decades ago to transform clinical evaluation into something simple and objective unlike the previous types of student evaluation which rely on subjective methods. In this system, all students performing the examination do the same thing and rotate as in the classical steeple chase first used in anatomy.



Do You Want to Study Your Questions
Perform tutorial (gives all the right answers) or
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This is the first time OSCE is being adapted to use in electronic form and the idea seems to have some advantages especially in developing countries where OSCE may be too expensive to run but eOSCE is simple and inexpensive. It is adapted in the entire program of this website and used for all subjects studied in medicine with emphasis on their clinical applications.


Examination eOSCE provides answers only. Tutorial provides all answers and Study question provides links to answers in text format and then all answers at the end of the test. Study is ideal for learning while others are for self testing before or after learning.