Eye Right lung Heart Left lung Liver Spleen Right kidney Stomach Left kidney Small intestine Urinary bladder Appendix Penis Scrotum Nose Mouth Heart Heart Tibia Femur Humerus Ulna Scapula Humerus Right hip joint Skin Left knee joint Ribs Skin Skin Cervical vertebrae Clavicle Left ankle joint Tarsus Left metatarsus Phalanges of left hand Right tarsus Right metatarsus Right phalanges of foot Right phalanges of hand Right metatarsus Skin Skin Right glenohumeral joint Left glenohumeral joint Mandible Brow


Integrated organ study

Integrated cell study    Connective tissue   Epithelium  Integrated system study

Integrated man

Alveoli Ear Lymphatics Skin
Anus Ejaculatory duct Mouth Spinal cord
Appendix Epididymis Muscle Spleen
Artery Esophagus Nerve Stomach
Arteriole Eye Nose Suprarenal gland
Blood Fallopian tube Ovary Teeth
Bone Gall bladder Pancreas Testis
Brain Glomus coccygeus Parathyroid gland Thymus
Breast Greater vestibular gland Penis Thyroid gland
Bronchus Heart Pericardium Tongue
Bronchiole Ileum Peritoneum Tonsil
Bulbourethral gland Intestine Pharynx Trachea
Capillary Jejunum Pineal gland Ultimobranchial body
Carotid body Joint Pituitary gland Ureter
Cartilage Kidney Placenta Urethra
Cervix Larynx Pregnancy Urinary bladder
Clitoris Lesser vestibular gland Pleura Uterus
Colon Ligament Prostate gland Vagina
Ductus deferens Liver Rectum Vein
Duodenum Lung Salivary gland Venule
  Seminal vesicle Vulva





History taking  
Learn clinical examination  
Long cases  
Short cases   
Clinicopathological cases  
Female examination 
Electronic clinical demonstrations  
Electronic clinical conferences  
Electronic clinicopathological conferences  
Integrated Organ examination 
Heart sounds  
Lung sounds
Osteology encyclopedia


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