More on Java

You need JAVA machine on this website on both operating system and browser to display all your images.  IT IS available on Windows 2000 & XP (Service Pack 1 only) for operating system and  AM browser  and Internet Explorer (prefarably AM browser) for browsers and Netscape Navigator. If you wish to install then follow the instructions below.


Do not attempt to download JAVA MACHINE from the internet. This is archival JAVA. It has so may features to allow you enjoy the internet for there are so many sites out there that use JAVA for many things including encryption, animation display not found in any other modern machines.

If your operating system is Windows and you wish to have system that has JAVA for the purpose of using it all the time then take the following instructions

  1. Format your hard drive after backing up your documents
  2. Install Windows XP (Service Pack 1)
  3. Upgrade to Windows Vista or Windows 7 or 9
  4. Open a webpage with Internal explorer or AM browser.
  5. Go to 'Options', then 'Internet options' then 'Advanced'
  6. Go to 'Security' and then check the first two options which are 'allow active content to work' on My Computer' and allow active content to run in files on My Computer'


Always make sure that you have a headphone or multimedia system on your machine before you use JAVA. Good luck!




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