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Electronic Medicine with emphasis on Hepatology


Presented to the Academic Department of Hepatology, St Mary's Hospital, Imperial College London.


Professor Sir Oluwole Ogunranti

Professor of Anatomy

Former Dean of Medicine (2004-6)

University of Jos, Nigeria


2 May 2008

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 Neonatal tetanus

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 Whooping cough; hear the sound

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Liver biopsy

Laparoscopic cholecystectomy

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          Teaching program





          eVital signs







          eOrgan integration



          eOSCE- long case-examination
eOSCE- long case-tutorial
eOSCE- long case-study

          eOSCE- short case-study

          eOSCE- short case-examination

          eOSCE- short case-tutorial

          eQuizzes for theoretical papers

         Saturday school



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Anatomy is exempt from text scarcity for it provides a powerful tool for checking and consulting the language of medicine. It is therefore useful just like pharmocopeia in drugs. It is also linked to various pages to refresh anatomical knowledge. All anatomical structures are presented with a dissector to locate their depth


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One of the uses of animation is to simplify understanding. Hence those areas of medical education which are not easy to understand can be animated- e.g. countercurrent exchange mechanism in kidney physiology.

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In this school two programs are paramount

          Electronic laboratories consist of all laboratories in Medicine (anatomy physiology, biochemistry, surgery, ophthalmology etc). They can be used for revision shortly before a professional examination so as to refresh the memory of the candidate and help him to pass his examination. Because practical in most medical schools carry higher marks, it is easy to pass the examination after this revision.

          Electronic objective structured clinical assessment (eOSCE)


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Other programs which are more complex in nature are available at his school and they include

          eMidwife which is used to study extensively the art of baby delivery, including complicated ones

          eSurgeon used to study the processes involved in surgery

          eDoctor used to study clinical features in 100 common clinical conditions

          eSubjects (20) used to study both theory and practice of all medical subjects useful for repeat examinations etc


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Electronic search remains the best of the services provided in electronic media using search engines.


This school provides search engines for all vital information and you can search the entire website in just one click. The search leads to dictionary information on all aspects of Medicine provided with, again, a modicum of text but a plethora of multimedia; JUST IDEAL FOR STUDENT FAST REVISION


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Human anatomy museum

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It has exotic features such as Tropical medicine and high technology medicine for the two most far apart modalities of health practice in the world.


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ESM presently uses Java and that is not peculiar to it. Some other virtual programs use JAVA on internet which is not enabled in modern Windows operating systems. This is strong limitation to most users but can be circumvented. We need JAVA for two things
The very fine discriminatory audio localization
The encryptment of multimedia facilities

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Oluwole Ogunranti
Leeds, England

1 May 2008