Xenogenous egg incubation


It seems that the rabbit pseudopregnant oviduct can support, not only fertilisation of many animal gametes, but also growth and incubation of animal embryos. The technique is to induce pseudopregnancy in the recipient rabbit by intravenous injection of 25-30 IU of hCG 24-27 hours before embryo transfer. Use can also be made of estrous rabbits with ripe follicles but no corpora lutea. Eggs to be incubated are then transferred to oviducts which have been ligated 1-2cm on the ovarian side of the uterotubal junction. A pasteur pipette is used to introduce egg obtained from culture together with culture fluid. The pipette is introduced through the fimbrial end and pushed into the oviduct to a depth of 2-4cm and then expelled with little volume of air- i.e. gently. Eggs are then removed 2-4 days later after sacrificing rabbits. The oviducts are removed and flushed with 3-5 ml of fluid.









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