Introduction to gene technology


Recombinant DNA is a bona fide part of molecular biology. What is molecular biology? This is the study of genes and gene products. It is the study of the chemistry of the substance that gives life. Genes are made up of deoxyribonucleic acids and hence the study of nucleic acid is central to the study of molecular biology. Recombinant DNA therefore is the study of DNA and how to manipulate it in order to provide sequence of genes which will give useful knowledge about synthesis of such genes, synthesis of complementary DNA, cloning or amplification of the synthesized gene, use of the gene for translation in vitro to produced its peptide products which may be useful therapeutically, biologically or agriculturally and development of gene probes for diagnosis of the presence of genes in embryos, fetuses and adults. It also includes the breaking of genes at sequence specific sites and the use of such for other manipulative purposes as enumerated above. Finally it includes the injection of genes previously manipulated or synthesized for injection into either somatic or germ cells for incorporation into the genome and therefore the alteration of genetic makeup of the individual cell or the entire organism. The entire goal and desire of recombinant DNA is to provide a strategy for treatment of genetic conditions, maximisation of animal production using gene injection; change in genome of agricultural products to provide more germ resistant transgenic varieties of crops or animals, production of blood products, factors or hormones (such as human insulin, somatostatin etc), design of new drugs after the synthesis of its receptors from its genes, and the exploitation of the human genome project with the use of numerous known human genes to synthesize new peptide products for treatment of diverse disease conditions in man. Hence it is called genetic engineering by the lay public.


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