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Causes Diagnosis Management
  • Fall from outstretched hand.
  • Affects the young child
  • Affects the distal part of radius which forms a fragment displaced laterally and impacted on radial shaft.
  • It is similar to Colles' fracture except the age of affection.








  • Inspection:- Dinner fork deformity
  • Palpation: impaction and displacement of distal fragment causes the styloid process of radius to be placed more superior than normal
  • X-ray








  • Reduction involves several processes as follows
    • Disimpact the distal radial fragment by providing traction of the hand.
    • Displace fragment medially, and then anteriorly, followed by pronation.
    • Apply bandage in this position with a dorsoradial plaster slab. This should be maintained with cotton wool padding for 24 hours.
    • After edema is settled then place above the elbow complete plaster which immobilises the elbow and wrist and allows the fingers to move comfortably for 4 weeks or Colle's plaster.

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