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1. Joint homonculus


2. Muscle homonculus


3. Acromioclavicular dislocation


4. Bennett's fracture-


5. Avulsion fracture of tendo calcaneus and fracture


6. Fractures of calcaneus involving subtalar joint


7. Fractures of calcaneus


8. Minor fractures of calcaneus


9. Fractures of calcaneus avoiding subtalar joint


10. Rupture of calf muscles


11. Injuries to carpus and wrist joint


12. Dislocation of lunate


13. Lunate injuries


14. Miscellaneous carpal injuries


15. Fracture of distal end of radius in children


16. Injuries to clavicle


17. Lateral shaft fracture of clavicle


18. Midshaft fracture of clavicle


19. Colles' fracture


20. Dislocation of elbow


21. Basal fracture of neck of femur


22. Cervical fracture of neck of femur


23. Condylar fractures of femur


24. Fractures of femur


25. Fracture of neck of femur


26. Fracture of shaft of femur


27. Single condylar fracture of femur


28. Subcapital fracture of neck of femur


29. Subtrochanteric femoral fractures


30. Fracture of shaft of femur


31. Condylar T fracture of femur


32. Trochanteric fractures


33. Condylar Y fracture of femur


34. Injuries to fibula


35. Lateral malleolar fracture


36. Fracture of shaft of fibula


37. Fracture page


38. Fracture types


39. Galeazzi fracture-dislocation


40. Rupture of medial head of gastrocnemius


41. Traumatic dislocation of hip joint


42. Anterior dislocation of hip joint


43. Central fracture-dislocation of hip joint


44. Posterior dislocation of hip joint


45. Fracture anatomical neck of humerus


46. Fracture of greater tuberosity of humerus


47. Injuries to humerus and elbow joint


48. Intercondylar fractures of humerus


49. Intercondylar T fracture of humerus


50.  Intercondylar Y fracture of humerus-


51. Fracture of lower lateral epiphysis of humerus


52. Fracture of medial epicondyle of humerus


53. Injuries to medial epicondylar area


54. Rupture of ulnar collateral ligament


55. Fractures of shaft of humerus


56. . Spiral fracture of shaft of humerus


57. Transverse fracture of shaft of humerus


58. Sprain of ulnar collateral ligament


59. Supracondylar fracture of humerus-


60.  Fractures of surgical neck of humerus


61. Interphalangeal dislocation of hand


62. Interphalangeal dislocation of foot


63. Rupture of collateral ligaments of interphalangeal joint


64. Rupture of lateral collateral ligament of interphalangeal joint


65. Rupture of medial collateral ligament of interphalangeal joint


66. Rupture of anterior cruciate ligament


67. Injuries to cartilages of knee


68. Dislocation of knee


69. Injuries to knee and apparatus


70. Rupture of lateral collateral ligament


71. Rupture of lateral collateral and posterior cruciate ligament


72. Injury to lateral meniscus


73. Injuries to ligaments of knee


74. Rupture of medial collateral ligament


75. Rupture of medial collateral and anterior cruciate ligament


76. Injury to medial meniscus


77. Penetrating injuries to knee


78. Rupture of posterior cruciate ligament


79. Sprain of knee


80. Avascular necrosis of lunate


81.  Mallet finger


82. Fractures of mandible


83. March fracture


84. Alveolar maxillary fracture


85. Craniofacial dysfunction


86. Maxillofacial injuries


87. Alveolar maxillary fracture


88. Fracture of metacarpal I


89. Fracture of metacarpal II


90. Fracture of metacarpal III


91. Injuries to metacarpal bones


92. Fracture of metacarpal IV


93. Fracture of metacarpal V


94. Rupture of collateral ligaments of metacarpophalangeal joint


95. Rupture of lateral collateral ligament of metacarpophalangeal joint


96. Rupture of medial collateral ligament of metacarpophalangeal joint


97. Dislocation of tarsometatarsal joint of big toe


98. Injuries to metatarsal bones


99. Fracture of metatarsal V


100. Fracture of base of metatarsal V


101. Fracture of shaft of metatarsal V


102. Metatarsophalangeal dislocation


103. Rupture of lateral collateral ligament of metacarpophalangeal joint


104. Rupture of medial collateral ligament of metacarpophalangeal joint


105. Metacarpophalangeal dislocation


106. Monteggia fracture-dislocation


107. Dislocation of patella


108. Fractures of patella


109. Injuries to patella


110. Osgood-Schlatter disease

111.  Recurrent dislocation of patella


112. Rupture of patellar ligament


113. Avulsion fractures of pelvis


114. Fracture of coccyx


115. Crack fractures of pelvis


116. Single displaced fractures of pelvis


117. Fracture of iliac crest


118. Injuries to pelvis


119. Multiple fractures of pelvis


120. Fracture of sacrum


121. Single fractures of pelvis


122. Single undisplaced fractures of pelvis


123. Fracture of phalanges of big toe-


124. Injuries to phalanges of foot


125. Injuries to phalanges of hand


126. Fracture of middle phalanx


127. Fracture of proximal phalanx-


128. Fracture of terminal phalanx


129. Rupture of lateral ligament of ankle


130. Pott's fractures


131. First degree eversion injury of ankle


132. Second degree eversion injury of ankle


133. Second degree eversion injury of ankle with medial ligament rupture


134. Second degree eversion injury of ankle with medial ligament rupture and medial malleolar fracture


135. Third degree eversion injury of ankle


136. Anterior marginal fractures of ankle


137. Eversion injuries of ankle


138. Inversion fractures of ankle


139. Inversion injuries of ankle


140. Inversion injury of ankle with talar tilt


141. Sprained ankle


142. Vertical compression fractures of ankle


143. Vertical compression injuries of ankle


144. Fracture of shaft of ulna with dislocation of proximal radioulnar joint


145. Fracture displacement of radial epiphysis


146. Fracture of radial styloid process


147. Fracture of shaft of radius with dislocation of distal radioulnar joint


148. Fracture of head of radius


149. Injuries to radius


150. Fracture of neck of radius


151. Fracture of shaft of radius


152. Fractures of shafts of ulna and radius


153. Flail chest


154. Fractures of ribs


155. Traumatic hemothorax


156.Injuries to ribs and thoracic cage


157. Multiple fractures of ribs


158. Traumatic pneumothorax


159.  Pulmonary wounds


160. Single fractures of ribs


161. Stove-in-chest


162. Road traffic accident


163. Rupture of tendo calcaneus


164. Fracture of scaphoid


165. Fracture of acromion


166. Fracture of body of scapula


167. Fracture of coracoid process


168.  Fracture of glenoid cavity


169.  Injuries to scapula and shoulder joints


170. Search - search.html -


171. Shoulder dislocation


172. Positions of shoulder dislocation


173. Anterior cranial fossa fractures


174. Fractures of base of skull


175. Linear fractures of base of skull


176. Middle cranial fossa fractures


177. Posterior cranial fossa fractures


178. Comminuted fractures of skull


179. Facial fractures


180. Injuries to skull


181. Fracture of nasal bone


182. Ponds fracture


183. Fractures of teeth


184. Fractures of skull vault


185. Linear fractures of skull


186. Fractures of zygomatic bone


187. Smith's fracture


188. Sternoclavicular dislocation


189. Fractures of body of sternum


190. Injuries to sternum


191.  Isolation of sternum


192. Dislocation of manubriosternal joint


193. Dislocation of xiphosternal joint


194. Avulsion fracture of talus


195. Fracture-dislocation of talus


196. Dome fracture of talus


197. Fractures of talus


198. Fracture of neck of talus


199. Miscellaneous fractures and dislocation of tarsal bones


200. Injuries to tarsus and ankle joint


201. Dislocation of temporomandibular joint


202. Fractures of tibial condyles


203. Compound fractures of tibia and fibula


204. Simple fractures of shafts of tibia and fibula


205. Injuries to tibia


206. Fracture of lateral condyle of tibia


207. Avulsion of tibial tuberosity


208. Fracture of medial malleolus


209. Fracture of medial condyle of tibia


210. Rupture of quadriceps tendon


211. Severe condylar fracture with rupture of articular apparatus


212. Fractures of shaft of tibia


213. Stable fractures of shaft of tibia


214. Stress fractures of tibia and fibula


215. Unstable fractures of shaft of tibia


216. Tibiofibular diastasis


217. Toddler's fracture


218. Fracture of coronoid process


219. Injuries to ulna


220. Fracture of olecranon-


221. Fracture of ulnar styloid process


222. Fracture of shaft of ulna


223. Dislocation of atlanto-occipital joint


224. Fracture dislocation of atlanto-occipital joint


225. Fractures of atlas


226. Cervical compression fractures


227. Extensor injury of cervical spine


228. Cervical flexion dislocation


229. Cervical flexion dislocation with locked facets


230. Flexion injuries to cervical spine


231. Fracture dislocation of cervical spine


232. Axial compression injuries of cervical spine


233.  Injuries to cervical vertebrae


234. Injuries to vertebrae


235. Extension injuries of thoracolumbar spine


236. Flexion injuries of thoracolumbar spine


237. Flexion with shearing stress injuries of thoracolumbar spine


238. Injuries to thoracolumbar vertebrae


239. Dislocation of wrist


240. Perilunar dislocation





























































































































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