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The real School and its entire program of 10 semesters
emphasis on practical rather than theory
Premed biology
145 courses and 59 examinations                   Books     

Anatomy Introductory anatomy   Anatomy Thorax
Anatomy Upper extremity   Anatomy Abdomen
Anatomy Lower extremity   Anatomy Pelvis
Anatomy Osteology 1/scan   Anatomy Osteology 2/ scan
Anatomy Dissection Laboratory 1/ Dissector1   Anatomy Dissection Laboratory 2/ Dissector 2
Anatomy Examination 1, 2 /saturday school   Anatomy Examination 10/ saturday school
Anatomy Examination 3/saturday school   Anatomy Examination 11/saturday school
Anatomy General embryology   Anatomy Genetics
Anatomy Embryology 1   Anatomy Embryology 2
Anatomy Practical embryology 1/scan   Anatomy Embryology Laboratory 2 /scan
Anatomy Examination 4/ saturday school   Anatomy Revision anatomy
Anatomy Cell biology Anatomy Examination 12/ saturday school
Anatomy General histology Anatomy Histology 1
Anatomy Histology Laboratory 1 /scan Anatomy Histology Laboratory 2/ scan
Anatomy Examination 5/saturday school Anatomy Examination 13 /saturday school
Biochemistry Introductory biochemistry   Biochemisry Biochemistry 1
Biochemistry Biochemistry Laboratory 1   Biochemistry Recombinant DNA
Biochemistry Examination 6   Biochemistry Biochemistry Laboratory 2
Physiology Introductory physiology   Biochemistry Examination 14, 15, 16 /saturday school
Physiology Blood and body fluids   Physiology Gastrointestinal physiology
Physiology Excitable tissues   Physiology Renal physiology
Physiology Cardiovascular physiology   Physiology Endocrine physiology
Physiology Respiratory physiology   Physiology Reproductive physiology
Physiology Physiology Laboratory 1   Physiology Physiology Laboratory 2
Physiology Examination 7,  8   9/saturday school   Physiology Examination 17, 18 /saturday school
Anatomy Head and Neck   Hematology Hematology
Anatomy Osteology 3/scan   Hematology Hematology Laboratory
Anatomy Dissection Laboratory 3/ Dissector 3   Hematology Examination 27/saturday school
Anatomy Examination 19/saturday school   Chemical Pathology Chemical pathology
Anatomy Examination 20/saturday school   Chemical Pathology Chemical pathology Laboratory
Anatomy Embryology 3
Congenital anomalies
  Chemical Pathology Examination 28/saturday school
Anatomy Embryology Laboratory 3/ scan   Medical microbiology Medical microbiology
Anatomy Examination 21/saturday school   Medical microbiology Medical microbiology Laboratory
Anatomy Histology 2   Medical microbiology Examination 29/saturday school
Anatomy Histology Laboratory 3   Pathology Anatomical pathology
Anatomy Examination 22/saturday school   Pathology Anatomical pathology Laboratory / postmortem
Anatomy Neuroanatomy   Pathology Examination 30/saturday school
Anatomy Neuroanatomy Laboratory   Pathology Histopathology Laboratory
Anatomy Examination 23/saturday school   Pathology Examination 31/saturday school
Biochemistry Biochemistry 2   Pathology General pathology
Biochemistry Neurochemistry     Cardiovascular pathology
Biochemistry Biochemistry Laboratory 3   Pathology Respiratory pathology
Biochemistry Examination 23/saturday school   Pathology Gastrointestinal pathology
Physiology Neurophysiology   Pathology Renal pathology
Physiology Nutrition and Metabolism   Pathology Reproductive pathology
Physiology Special senses   Pathology Musculoskeletal pathology
Physiology Physiology Laboratory 3   Pathology Neuropathology
Physiology Examination 25,  26 /saturday school   Pathology Immunopathology
Courses Clinical demonstrations   Pathology Endocrine pathology
Revision Revision: Anatomy Physiology Biochemistry   Pathology Senses pathology
Examination Electronic Objective Structured Examination for Preclinical courses   Pathology Clinicopathological conference
  2nd Professional Examination in Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry   Pathology Examination 32
      Pathology Cellular pharmacology
  Optional- Advanced anatomy   Pharmacology General pharmacology
  Histochemistry   Pharmacology Chemotherapy
  Advanced Cell biology   Pharmacolog Autonomic nervous pharmacology
  Recombinant DNA   Pharmacology Cardiovascular pharmacology
      Pharmacology Respiratory pharmacology
      Pharmacology Gastrointestinal pharmacology
      Pharmacology Renal pharmacology
      Pharmacology Reproductive pharmacology
      Pharmacology Musculoskeletal pharmacology
      Pharmacology Neuropharmacology
      Pharmacology Immune pharmacology
      Pharmacology Endocrine pharmacology
      Pharmacology Special senses
      Pharmacology Pharmacology Laboratory
      Pharmacology Examination 33, 34     35/saturday school
      Revision Revision: Pathology  Pharmacology
      Examination Electronic Objective Structured Clinical Examination for Clinicopathological courses
      Examination 3rd Professional Examination in
Pharmacology and Pathology
      Medicine Introduction to medicine (clinical features)
      Medicine Introduction to clinical examination
      Examination Examination 36
Dermatology Dermatology   Gynecology Instruments
Dermatology Dermatology Clinic   Gynecology Gynecology
Dermatology Examination 37/saturday school   Gynecology Gynecology clinic and surgery
ENT ENT   Gynecology Examination 41/saturday school
ENT ENT Clinic   Obstetrics Instruments
ENT Examination 38/saturday school   Obstetrics Obstetrics Clinic
Ophthalmology Ophthalmology   Obstetrics Labor room
Ophthalmology Ophthalmology Clinic   Obstetrics Examination 42,  43/saturday school
Ophthalmology Examination 39/saturday school   Obstetrics Assisted reproductive technology
Anesthesia Anesthesia   Obstetrics Obstetrics Long Case
Anesthesia Anesthesia Clinic   Psychiatry Psychiatry
Anesthesia Examination 40/saturday school   Psychiatry Psychiatric Clinic
      Psychiatry Examination 45/saturday school
Community health Community health   Pediatrics Neonatology
Community health Community health clinic   Pediatrics Pediatrics 1 (congenital anomalies)
Community health Examination 47/saturday school   Pediatrics Clinical pediatrics
Community health Parasitology   Pediatrics Examination 50
Community health Clinical and parasitology laboratory   Pediatrics Pediatrics Long Case1
Community health Examination 48/saturday school   Radiology Radiology
General practice General practice   Radiology Radiology Clinic
Orthopedics Orthopedic surgery   Radiology Examination 52/saturday school
Orthopedics Clinical orthopedic surgery   Examination Electronic Objective Structured Examination for Clinical courses I
Orthopedics Examination 49/saturday school   Examination 4th Professional Examination in
Pediatrics, Obstetrics-Gynecology and Community health
      Surgery Instruments
Medicine Cardiovascular medicine   Surgery Introductory surgery
Medicine Respiratory medicine   Surgery General surgery
Medicine Gastrointestinal medicine   Surgery Cardiovascular surgery
Medicine Renal medicine   Surgery Respiratory surgery
Medicine Reproductive medicine   Surgery Gastrointestinal surgery
Medicine Musculoskeletal medicine   Surgery Renal surgery
Medicine Neurology   Surgery Reproductive surgery/gynecology
Medicine Examination 53   Surgery Examination 57
Medicine Immunology   Surgery Musculoskeletal surgery
Medicine Senses medicine   Surgery Neurosurgery
Medicine Endocrinology   Surgery Sense organ surgery
Medicine Clinical medicine   Surgery Immune surgery
Medicine Clinical Conferences   Surgery Endocrine surgery
Medicine Examination 54  55  56   Surgery Clinical Surgery
Medicine Medicine Long Case 1   Surgery Examination 58 59
Medicine Medicine Long Case 2   Surgery Surgery Long Case
      Examination Electronic Objective Structured Examination for Clinical Courses 2
      Examination 5th Professional Examination in
Medicine, Surgery, to include radiology, orthopedics, ophthalmology, dermatology, anesthetics, psychiatry, ENT


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