Globus pallidus



Also called pallidum. It is the motor center of the corpus striatum, sending efferent fibers to all of the basal ganglia and to the cortex, called pallidofugal projections. It is found in the lentiform nucleus of the corpus striatum which is a bona fide part of the basal ganglia of the cerebrum.

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Coronal section through fixed brain at level of upper brain stem: 1 cortex 2 caudate nucleus 3 cerebral 'medulla' 4 corpus callosum 5 cingulate gyrus 6 fornix column 7 thalamus 8 internal capsule 9 lentiform nucleus 10 extreme capsule 11 claustrum 12 external capsule 13 insular cortex 14 3rd ventricle


Brainstem Medulla Pons Midbrain Thalamus Epithalamus
Basal ganglia Forebrain Temporal lobe Cerebral operculum Remove operculum Wall of lateral ventricle 1
Wall of lateral ventricle 2 Wall of lateral ventricle 3 lateral ventricle 1 lateral ventricle 2 Base of brain Rhomboid fossa

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