Temperament and sexuality


Temperaments determine sexual relations between two opposites which normally attract. Cholerics are attracted to phlegmatics and vice versa for attraction is between one introvert and one extrovert. Also choleric and phlegmatics are unromantic. Hence romantic temperaments such as melancholic and sanguine are opposites in the sense that one is extrovert (sanguine) while the other is introvert (melancholic). Melancholic and sanguines are romantic people and hence they attract each other. Introverts are the  hunted, that is to say they look for people who  like them rather than those whom they like. Extroverted temperaments are hunters because they look for those whom they like rather than those who like them.

In romantic relationships, the two romantic perform sex in such a manner as to encourage the hunter almost always demanding while the hunted waits for the hunter to hunt. It is of course not always so but when the hunter looses his hunting skill, the hunted usually gives up.


In the non romantic relationship between phlegmatics and cholerics, it is even more apt. Unless the choleric requests for sex the phlegmatic will never ask. The joy of the hunted is in being hunted while the delight of the hunter is in hunting.

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Temperament blend sexualities

MelSan Cunning in romance; incurable romantic but open to crimes of passion.

MelPhleg- Calculated and cool in romance but vengeful jealousy

MelChol- Romantic and disciplines; nagging problem

SanMel- Delight of the opposite sex but tendency to flirtation

SanChol- Subdued romantic, but tendency to monopartnership

SanPhleg- Tendency to promiscuity or even prostitution if not careful

CholSan- Sex for power or money; may  be a rapist

CholMel- Disciplined in romance; but sometimes sex for power.

CholPhleg- Discreet romance; sex for services

PhlegChol- Unromantic; may even chase the wrong persons

PhlegSan- May be lured to prostitution; quite romantic but tendency to promiscuity

PhlegMel- Can be completely unromantic; easily virgins.





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