We make love because it gives us pleasure so to do. This is the commonest reason why we as human beings make love. There is a part of our brain, called the pleasure center which is stimulated when we see the opposite sex and we like what we see. It is therefore essential to the physiology of sexual intercourse that we see. Most blind people do not have the same sexual behaviors of the seeing people for they do not see. But blind people can touch and feel and think It is essential to see in human sexual behavior. We sometimes imagine what we wish to see in fantasies and this may aid our process of sexual arousal. Man is a socially organized creature and hence lives a socially interactive life. The main sensory basis of this interaction is the sense of vision. Man can see in colour. What he sees usually creates a like or dislike in him. Even babies appreciate colours, while grown-ups like to see neat and decent clothing as opposed to dirty and drab dressings. Many animals rely for their own social interaction, on the sense of smell rather than that of vision. A good example is the dog or cat. The dog does not see in color but in black and white. But its sense of smell is very great. So great is smell sense that it can sense the coming of an individual before it sees that individual. Hence its sexual interaction, is also based on the sense of smell. For the male dog to be aroused by the female dog called the bitch, it has to smell it and be happy with the smell.

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