Mind-body problem


The mind body problem is one that tries to determine the interaction between body and mind, especially how the mind controls the body.

To Searle the mind is the brain.  He then goes on to list the features of the mind within the brain as

1.  consciousness,

2.  intentionality,

3.  subjectivity of mental states, and

4.  mental causation. 

While consciousness and intentionality need no further description, the others may be described briefly. Subjectivity of mental states refers to the ability to feel to the total exclusion of others. Thus an individual can feel pain while others around may not understand what he means. Mental causation refers to the cause and effect which our minds bring to bear on the physical world. It is our thought that brings action on the physical world. When we want to build a house- the house was not existing before, but after the building ,it becomes an integral part of the environment (i.e. the universe). It has been made to happen by the mind. 



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