Male sexual mentality


bullet Males are aggressive
bullet Males are for career oriented
bullet Males are better at climbing and other masculine activities than females
bullet Males are better suited as provider/protector of family
bullet Males have better organizational abilities than females
bullet Males are better in mathematics and other abstract concepts than females
bullet Males are better at visual-spatial abilities, which shows they are still better in concrete activities than females.
bullet Males like competition
bullet Males like dominance and authority
bullet Males like leadership roles

The above male role assists in the development of a stable marital relationship .While a man is supposed to protect his family, he is also supposed to provide leadership, organization, planning, shelter and food. When the couple has sexual intercourse, the male is on top and therefore dominant in most cases. He even dictates the place of the activity. This traditional position helps to assist fertility and so is natural. When both parties are highly aroused, they tend to prefer this traditional or conventional position.

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