Lust is the opposite of sexual love, while hate is the opposite of non-sexual or brotherly love. Lust is the most common state of mind or feeling state in young people. Most young people become susceptible to lust at the adolescent stage of their growth which usually begins about puberty. It is characterised by intense feeling of demand for sexual intercourse and it is self-oriented. It is also  completely physical, being dependent on physical interaction, while lovelove relies more on emotional interaction. A man or woman who has lust, cannot continue to have it in the face of a serious physical disability of his /her partner. For example, a road traffic accident that causes paralysis and impotence in a man will most definitely lead to him his divorce by a lustful girlfriend. A saying which makes the distinction between love and lust graphically apt is as follows- “Lust cannot wait to get; love cannot wait to give.” If you are in love, you are always interested in giving to your partner. But if you have only lust, all you do is demand (mostly for sex and more sex, or material things).

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