Falling in  love

Romantic love is the interest in making an individual a life partner. Falling in love is a psychophysiological process of growing up as simple and at the same time a little difficult to understand as acquiring language or mother tongue in the young child. It is so effortless and yet so difficult once the brain passes through normal period for this stage of development.  Falling in love is a subject of the heart and it occurs during puberty and little after then. After the age of 30, people do not fall in love with the heart anymore. They lose that ability to love without reason and now choose to love and be loved for reasons and with their brain and reason intact. The process which ignites falling in love in the young varies from individual to individual. The introverted temperaments  (melancholic, phlegmatic) tends to fall in love based on some measure of kindness in words or deed from the object of love. The extroverted  temperaments (choleric, sanguine) fall in love because they love what they see (e.g. good looks and /or behavior) and not for kindness. After the age of falling in love is over, the entire psychophysiological processes assist the individual to love with the brain and not the heart. They can therefore lose their love object if such has an obvious anomaly that may make it difficult to perpetuate the love. For example the object of love suddenly becomes blind or crippled,  or comes from an enemy family or ethnic group, or has developed AIDS, leprosy or any other crippling disease. Those who are in love enjoy the company of each other and are not too obsessed with actual love making. Holding hands, kissing, looking at each other are actions which replace actual love making. Even human wastes and dirt do not distract them so long as it comes from the object of their love [Love is 'blind']. Some couples in love may not even make love to each other. Some very few lovers make love more than is considered normal [Endless love]. But love with the brain always have to make love and love making sometimes is the main object of their love because love is another name for sexual attraction at this period of psychosexual development.

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Kissing demonstrates the psychodynamic force in a loving relationship. Men have the tendency to hold women around their most attractive anatomy such as waist, hips etc during kissing while women hold the head. In love from the heart, there is no desperate need to hold any part of the body but the head!





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