Female sexual mentality


bullet Females are better at perception in all the five senses than males and these include touch, taste, smell, vision and hearing.
bullet Female are better than males in the perception of social stimuli
bullet Females are better than males in fantasies
bullet Females are better at personal, family and social issues than males
bullet Males are more dominant than females

In view of the all the above, the females tend to take the subordinate role  even in sexual activities. Women prefer to be wooed into relationship than to woo. They tend to be more serious about relationships than men and are more useful in family activities, than career pursuit. Women are less logical than men and hence lack organisational abilities. They are more emotional. They tend to specialize in emotional activities. And hence excel there. In view of this fact,  although it is better for a man to be head of the house because of his organizational abilities, his flare for logical calculations and reasoning, and concrete and abstract thoughts, it is essential that the woman be the leader in areas regarding emotion and compassion involving relationships, such marital, consanguineous and other blood, or even non-blood relationships, as in friendship etc. Hence, the wife should take the lead in matters of care (e.g. catering, care etc) or in times of bereavements of friends and even relatives and in bringing up the kids. The man should take the leadership role in determining the course action in a crisis situation. He must be willing however to take advice from his wife. This is because feminine intuition is stronger than masculine logic, especially in crisis situation which does not directly affect the female concerned. The reasons for these are not fully known but they may reside in the brain, probably at subcortical level since the cortex is responsible for reasoning.

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