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What is your name?
My name is Mrs Lazarus
What is the problem Mrs Lazarus?
I am a 30 year old housewife. I married my husband 10 years ago and I have three children for him. But six months ago I discovered that I could not sleep well again. I started to have headache in the front of my head which is so severe I cannot sleep or do any thing useful. Sometimes I can feel my heart beating as if it will come out of my chest. I am most times dizzy and have even fainted on two or three occasions.. When I wish to go to bed I will roll on my bed for hours before I fall asleep. Even then I always end up with nightmarish dreams. Sometimes I see my self falling off the edge of a cliff and then I would wake up shouting or I may see myself being devoured by a terrible animals or being killed and shot at my hunters or soldiers. Sometimes I may see myself being drowned in a large sea. I sometimes find myself in a war front about to be raped or slaughtered. I always wake up very frightened of my dreams and hence I am afraid of sleeping till this moment. I have been to several small clinics and pharmacies and I have been given so many medicines but none of them has been able to help or assist me.
How many wives has your husband?
I am the only wife of my husband but about six months ago I found out that my husband had impregnated one woman in our neighborhood.
Does your husband intend to marry this woman?
I dont know.
Now lie on the couch and let me examine you
Yes doctor

Psychiatric interview


Brain function

Anxiety interview




Cell Biology
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Lymphatic drainage
Organ integration
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Chemical Pathology

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