Common viva questions in physiology


  1. What are phaeochromocytes

  2. Describe the chromaffin reaction

  3. What are polymorphonuclear leukocytes?

  4. Describe the genelogy of red blood cells

  5. List four blood group types

  6. Describe total cross sectional area, velocity and blood pressure in areas of blood vessels compared to the aorta

  7. What are baroreceptors?

  8. Describe chemoreceptors?

  9. What is Herring's nerve?

  10. Describe the vasomotor center
    List factors which affect arteriolar vasodilatation

  11. List factors which affect arteriolar vasoconstriction

  12. What is the importance of carotid sinus in vascular physiology

  13. Describe carotid body

  14. What is pulse pressure?

  15. What is the physiological importance of peripheral vascular resistance

  16. What is the physiological importance of epidermal growth factor and transforming growth factor in the vein

  17. Describe total cross sectional area of capillaries in the cardiovascular system

  18. List all cell types in the bone

  19. List 7 functions of connective tissue

  20. What is a receptor?

  21. List 7 functions of epithelium

  22. Describe the process of accommodation of the eye

  23. What is GALT?

  24. Describe secretory processes in exocrine cells

  25. Describe secretory processes in endocrine cells

  26. Describe constrictor waves and constrictor rings in the stomach

  27. Describe gastric acid secretion in the stomach

  28. How is saliva produced?

  29. Discuss the process of deglutition

  30. What is the function of the lower esophageal sphincter

  31. Discuss the physiology of the duodenum


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