Adrenogenital syndrome

Several conditions in which there is disordered sexual differentiation in which a normal male may be have precocious puberty or a female have virilization so that the external genitalia becomes ambiguous as a result of excess production of androgens. It may be

21- hydroxylase is absent or deficient in the condition of congenital adrenal hyperplasia. In view of this cortisol (glucocorticoid) and aldosterone (mineralocorticod) cannot be produced. As a result the adrenal cortex responds by producing more of all the hormones that is normally secreted from it and they are of three types- glucorticoids, mineralocorticoids and sex hormones. There is therefore increase in all the hormones in these groups except cortisol. In its treatment there is a need to provide more cortisol, especially in times of stress but also to counteract the effects of excess androgens, and other hormones. Cortisol reduction leads to low sugar levels in blood and low aldosterone causes salt loosing disease in which salt is lost in urine and also water  later. The condition may cause virilization of a female baby in utero leading to ambiguous external genitalia as a result of over production of androgen causing increase development of the clitoris, which may then look like penis. This is recognized by a phallus which does not have urethra to pass urine at its tip (like penis), but at its undersurface. 21-hyrdoxylase is expressed by gene found in chromosome 6. Its active gene is CYP21 while its inactive gene is called CYP21P. Most of its mutation leads to transfer of material from one to another.


Ambiguous external genitalia - male

Ambiguous external genitalia - female



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