Clinical examination of the nose Examination of skull Examination of lung Examination of lung Shoulder joint Humerus Liver Heart Humerus Shoulder joint examination Elbow joint examination Ulna Radius Elbow joint Left hip joint Left femur Perineum Right hip joint Femur Right knee joint Right tibia Right fibula Right ankle joint Left ulna Left radius Spleen Left kidney Appendix Right kidney Stomach Left fibula Left tibia Left ankle joint
e Investigations

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-chemical pathology, hematology, imaging, endoscopy, histopathology, miscellaneous

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Hematology Chemistry:
Blood Urine
CSF Stool
Microbiology Body biopsies/histology
Immunology Anthropometry Special studies Drugs
ECG EEG Neurological Mental
X-ray Ultrasound CT scan MRI
Liver scan Endoscopy DNA PET
Muscle Pelvic examination Joints Ultrasound
Hepatic angiogram EM PET scan Treatment/Surgery

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e Investigations
Chemical pathology,
Histopathology, miscellaneous




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