DIGITAL LOCATOR OF ANTERIOR ABDOMINAL WALL: Layer 1 Skin of abdomen (anterior abdominal wall). Layer 2- Layer of Camper's fascia. Layer 3 - layer of Scarpa's fascia. Layer  4 - layer of external oblique muscle/aponeurosisLayer 5- layer of rectus sheath. Layer 6- layer of internal oblique. Layer 7 - layer of transversus abdominis. Layer 8- layer of transversus abdominis/parietal peritoneum. Layer 9- layer of greater sac of peritoneum. Layer 10- layer of small intestine. Layer 11- layer of transverse colon. Layer 12- layer of posterior abdominal wall. Layer 13 - layer of deep posterior abdominal wall. Layer 14 - layer of bones of abdominal region. Laparoscopic obturator hernia repair


Inguinal herniotomy - 7 min


Obturator hernia

This hernia is only recognized when it is strangulated. It affects women over the age of 60 years. It allows abdominal content such as viscus, to enter the obturator foramen which can be felt on vaginal examination. It has referred pain along the genicular branch of the posterior division of obturator nerve and hence it is accompanied by pain in knee sometimes - called Howship-Romberg sign.






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