Hymenotomy (Removal of hymen at first intercourse -defloration, disvirgination)

This is puncturing a hole for intercourse on the hymen. The process occurs at the first female intercourse and preferably at the wedding night. The husband should take the lead in removing the anxiety of his wife my being very gentle and romantic. Say nice things to your wife but don't give her the impression that it is a painful procedure for that will increase the anxiety. Even if she had heard it is painful, tell her this one is not going to be so. Use xylocaine jelly to deaden the pain. If you know the most arousable areas of your wife's anatomy, begin to work on them. You can attempt to stretch the hymen initially with your finger. Then begin to exert gentle pressure with the rigid penis in and out from the center which invariably contains a weakness in form of a small hone or sometimes multiple holes called cribriform hymen. A single hole is said to be porous hymen and a hymen that has no hole at all is said to be imperforate hymen. After a long time, which may last up to 20-30 minutes or less, the hymen is bound to give way without pain and the way to know this is the bleeding which follows. The hymen is broken and would require a few days to heal. Place more xylocaine jelly on it. After a few days, it should have healed completely. Then resume your interrupted intercourse.


Another method to puncture the hymen is by surgical knife called surgical hymenotomy


Note the passage into the woman's vagina is straight towards the head or tummy and not up or down and that is where pressure is exerted on the hymen to enter the vagina/or through the dorsum of penis to the hymen paralle to it and introitus..















Roll over converts porous hymen to carunculae hymenales


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