Brain and skull    CT scan     MRI


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Normal skull Xray

4th ventricle lesion, MRI

Acoustic neuroma of 8th cranial nerve, MRI

Acute extradural hematoma

Acute middle cerebral infarcts

Alcohol dementia, MRI

Alcoholic dementia, MRI

Alzeihmer's disease, MRI

Anterior horn of lateral ventricle, MRI

Astrocytoma with skull suture widening

Atrophy of corpus callosum, MRI

Base of skull,CT scan

Berry aneurysm (CT scan)

Brain abscess, CT scan

Brain atrophy, MRI

Calcifying meningioma CT scan

Calcifying meningioma CT scan

Cerebellar degeneration,CT scan

Cerebellum, MRI

Cerebellum, MRI

Cerebral ischemia

Chaga's disease (CT scan)

Colloid cyst

Dementia,CT scan

Epidural hematoma, CT scan

Epidural hematoma, MRI

Epidural hemorrhage,CT scan

Epidural hematoma, postoperative, CT scan

Epidural hemorrhage, PET scan

Epilepsy - PET
Epilepsy large  - PET
Epilepsy - PET

Extradural hematoma with pineal shift from left to right

Extradural  hematoma

Falx meningioma

Frontotemporal dementia, MRI

Head of caudate nucleus, MRI

Histiocytosis X


Hydrocephalus, MRI

Infarct of internal capsule CT scan

Inherited cerebellar atrophy CT scan

Insular cortex, MRI

Intracerebral hemorrhage

Intracerebral hemorrhage 2, MRI

Intracerebral hemorrhage,CT scan

Left dorsal horn of spinal cord, MRI

Left middle cerebellar peduncle lesion, MRI

Left occipital tumor, MRI

Left posterior limb of internal capsule hemorrhage, MRI

Left putaminal hemorrhage, MRI

Lesion in ventral horn of spinal cord, MRI

Maxillary sinus, MRI

Meningioma of left temporal lobe, MRI

Meningioma over greater wing of sphenoid

Metastases in 4th ventricle, MRI

Middle cerebral ischemia

Middle cerebral thrombosis with infarct

Midsagittal section of skull, MRI

Multiple myeloma 1

Multiple myeloma 2

Multiple sclerosis
Neuroma of left optic nerve, MRI

Occipital infarct of posterior cerebral artery

Old age brain atrophy, MRI

Optic radiation, MRI

Parasagittal section of skull 2, MRI

Parasagittal section of skull 3, MRI

Parasagittal section of skull, MRI

Parkinson's disease, MRI

Parietal lobe hemorrhagic infarct

Pons, MRI

Pontine syndrome- Schwanomma affecting right side of pons, MRI

Post encephalitic focal atrophy

Posterior horn of lateral ventricle, MRI

Posterior limb of internal capsule infarct

Prefrontal leucotomy

Putaminal hemorrhage, MRI

Red nucleus, MRI

Right meningioma, MRI

Schwannoma of left basis pontis, MRI

Schwannoma of left cerebellar hemisphere, MRI

Schwannoma of right basis pontis, MRI

Sickle cell disease brain infarct

Splenium of corpus callosum, MRI

Stroke, CT scan

Subdural empyema CT scan

Subdural hematoma, CT scan

Subdural hematoma, MRI

Subdural hematoma, MRI

Subdural hemorrhage,CT scan

Sudural hematoma, CT scan

Subdural hemorrhage, PET scan

Superior cerebellar peduncle, MRI

Temporal lobe, MRI



Tuberculous meningitis CT scan

Tuberous sclerosis
Tumor metastases in the 4th ventricle, MRI



































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Chemical Pathology

Anatomical Pathology






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