Sexual vaginal laceration


Frigidity caused by sexual anxiety syndrome is the commonest cause of sexual vaginal laceration. In this condition, the female is tense and rigid and does not produce any vaginal mucus and may in fact have no sexual arousal most probably due to severe panic attack and anxiety. It is usually most often associated with marriage infidelity and in most cases caused by a desire to get pregnant by extra marital affair and is common in rural peasant and unwesternized communities where there are no alternatives such as artificial insemination by donor (AID) or by husband (AIH) as a result of no interest in infertility workup or indeed lack of facilities for it.

The vagina is torn as a result of  a rigid penis being intromitted into a non yielding vagina. It usually tears the vaginal vault or the posterior fornix or indeed the posterior wall of the vagina (especially during intromission). It is treated by surgical repair.

It is common in melancholic temperament

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