Vaginal climax


Vaginal orgasm, which arise by deep pressure on the vaginal plexuses on the walls of the vagina. They are assisted in their stimulation by the voluntary sphincter of vagina, which is the levator ani, precisely the inner sphincter vaginae part which is part of the puborectalis. The muscle can be strengthened for such action by continuous exercise known as Kegel's exercises, in which the female external urethral sphincter is closed consciously and opened intermittently for more than 100 times a day for 6 weeks. The other muscle, which assist the vaginal sphincteric action is of course the poorly developed sphincter urethrae of the deep perineal pouch in the female. It is part of the external urethral sphincteric mechanism in the female. The female seems to lack an internal sphincteric mechanism of urethra. Also the bulbospongiosus contract rhythmically at climax in the perineum. It is called the involuntary sphincter of the vagina.

How to reach vaginal sexual climax: Technique




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Vaginal behavior in climax. Note rhythmic contraction of the voluntary sphincters (above)-
sphincter vaginae) and involuntary sphincters -below (bulbospongiosus).








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