Physiology of sexual intercourse


When the male is aroused and he wishes to perform sexual intercourse, as mentioned earlier, his organ the penis becomes erect. If he is circumcised, he will have no foreskin, for that has been cut away during the procedure of circumcision. When the female is aroused, she releases fluid from the vagina. This fluid is supposed to make the vaginal tube very slippery so that the penis can enter easily and move inside it. Without this fluid, penetration can lead to tear in the lining of the vagina, causing serious bleeding. The male organ then enters the vagina during sexual intercourse, and begins the process of moving up and down the organ (i.e. vagina) in order to stimulate the female and cause her to be properly aroused sexually. As he moves his penis in the vagina, he himself becomes increasingly aroused and he finally releases his semen deep inside the vagina in a process known as ejaculation, which coincides with male sexual climax. This released fluid contains small cells which are able to swim. They are called sperm cells or spermatozoa. They immediately begin to swim up the female reproductive tract seeking the egg, to be fertilized in the fallopian tube of the female. After fertilization, the egg begins its development to become an embryo and then a fetus and then a new born baby after delivery of the fetus in the process known as parturition.

The female sexual climax occurs anywhere during intercourse.



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