Sexual preferences


Healthy sexual interactions means absence of some sexual preferences. These are those sexual interactions which have no obvious benefit and are injurious but still provide pleasure for at least one of the partners. There is a long list.

1.         Sexual oralism

2.         Sexual analism

3.         Extravaginalism

4.         Coprophilia

5.         Coprophagia

6.         Sadism

7.         Masochism

8.         Frottage

9.         Scoptophilia

10.       Exhibitionism

11.       Homosexuality

12.       Transvestism

13.       Bestiality

14.       Autosexuality

15.       Infanto-sexuality

16.       Gerontosexuality


To develop healthy sexual interaction, perversions of the varieties mentioned above must be completely absent.  We shall not concern our self  with modern debate on their causes e.g. sexual orientation.  Are sexual preferences in-born or not?  If  they are not inborn then where on earth did they come from?


Erectile dysfunctions

Female sexual dysfunctions

Have you ever heard of chaste beauty?


Seven Sexual hygiene laws

  1. 1. No to extramarital intercourse

  2. 2. No to sexual deviant activities

3. No to teen age pregnancy

4. No to female genital mutilation

5. Prevent sexually transmitted infections (STI)

6. Promote natural family planning

7. Promote healthy sexual activities with spouse

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