Treatment of erectile dysfunction


Treatment is usually by vocalization. Discuss the problem openly with your spouse. That does not make you less a man. It is when you keep quiet that you show a deep seated inferiority complex which is unmanly! If your spouse is the one with the problem, be patient, gentle and not quarrel. When he/she is in an obvious state of anxiety, which is easily discernable by recognizing a very fast heart beat, with increasing respiratory rates, tell him to cool off and relax. Pretend you are no longer interested in the sexual activity and would just wish to sleep. Tell him/her to do the same. Within minutes of saying this, the erection is likely to come real hard and may stay hard for a long time after because you have released the tension and removed the anxiety.

Paraplegics. These are those who have spinal cord injuries. For such, the desire for sexual intercourse is still intact but the performance is gone and may only respond to reflexes. Ask the wife to lovingly caress her husband's penis and patiently wait for him to become erect which may occur most times without warning. An electroejaculation kit is available for paraplegics, which assist them in ejaculating and therefore procreation.

Pharmacotherapy of anxiety

Anti-Anxiety drugs like valium may be useful, although they may depress the central nervous system. Propanolol is a useful centrally acting anti-anxiety agent. See your doctor for proper prescription.

PDE5 inhibitors

Use of PDE5 (phosphodiesterase type 5) inhibitor like sidenafil (Viagara) which potentiates the action of (and maintains) cGMP


Selective serotonin reupake inhibitors are useful in anxiety state as in premature ejaculation.


Insertion of semi rigid or inflatable penile prosthesis. This is the choice in refractory cases.





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