The ultimate in reproductive success for early pregnancy is the establishment of pregnancy through adequate implantation in a receptive uterus. While it is easy to agree that the uterus must be in proper functional shape to accept the implanting egg, it may not be that easy to accept the implication of the oviduct and its factors in implantation. The oviduct theory of implantation was first mentioned after we began to note its active endocrine and exocrine nature and exocrine nature of animal oviducts. This organ cannot just be inert. If it is actively endocrine, then the function must be called to play mainly during early pregnancy when oviductal eggs are commuting. Indeed, another investigator suggested this when he noted normal placental factor being produced in the oviduct. Also Gaunt while working on a teratocarcinoma antigen 2B5, found that this antigen was readily elaborated by oviductal eggs after 6 hours of fertilisation, but not until many hours in IVF eggs of the mouse. The antigen was again localised in the oviduct. Perhaps the oviduct contributes considerable factors to the phenomena of implantation and hence transferring egg via the oviduct leads to higher fertilisation and implantation rates.  This suggests need to study oviduct in detail.















Egg transport:
Egg is released into the distal part of the tube and it initially journeys into the ampulla where fertilization takes place. The resulting embryo then journeys very slowly to reach the uterus for implantation.

Sperm transport: Oviduct is responsible for egg sperm and embryo transports. Its sperm transport has two phases. The fast and the slow one. The fast phase allows the sperm to reach the ampulla or even peritoneum in seconds. The second and slow phase takes several minutes




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