There are two kinds- the male and female (lesbianism).  For the male, there are two kinds of partners- the active partner who acts like a man and the passive partner who acts as the woman.  The woman may present his anus for the intercourse orifice while the active person inserts his penis into this orifice.  During climax both will ejaculate semen- active one into the anus and the passive one outside.  This is because the nervous system of the perineum (the genital area) is the same for penis and anus and hence climax can be reached  with anal stimulation in one so predisposed to it. The two different orientations in male homosexuality presents two different people or population- one with a masculine orientation and who believes being masculine is the ability to subjugate your own kind and not women who are simply weaklings. The other is the feminine orientation even though he is male biologically.



Seven Sexual hygiene laws

  1. 1. No to extramarital intercourse

  2. 2. No to sexual deviant activities

3. No to teen age pregnancy

4. No to female genital mutilation

5. Prevent sexually transmitted infections (STI)

6. Promote natural family planning

7. Promote healthy sexual activities with spouse











Gross anatomy
Lymphatic drainage
Organ integration
Clinical anatomy





Chemical Pathology

Anatomical Pathology






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