Psychological female sexual dysfunction


This occurs in women. It used to be called frigidity; it is presently called female sexual dysfunction (FSD). It means inability to enjoy sexual intercourse. It may be caused by an early sexual abuse, such as rape in childhood, or adolescence or may be incest by the father step-father or uncle. Unless the female can voice out the problem and ventilate it,  it may never be cured. It may also be caused by melancholic temperament but this is rarely permanent in women and such melancholic women can be easily aroused by sweet talk by the spouse. Just say nice things to your wife; the kind of things you know she likes to hear. If possible, memorize those things and say them at the times you want her to be happy. Make sure you tell her it is not because you want sex that is why you are saying the nice things (and mean it; melancholic temperament melancholic have a way of discovering lies easily). You will be surprised how she would then want that same sex. Frigidity is rarely caused by physical disability. 

It is common in melancholic temperament





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Have you ever heard of chaste beauty?


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