Connective tissue - physiology

Functions of connective tissues include

  1. Connective tissue acts as support for many organs

  2. Connective tissue can form panniculus adiposus which form fat for conservation of heat.

  3. Connective tissue helps to make pathways for blood vessels and nerves as in mesenchyme.

  4. Specialized connective tissues which form junctions act as pulleys and lubricating surface, thereby reducing frictional forces e.g. bursa.

  5. Connective tissue forms basis for pigmentation of the skin and other parts of the body (e.g. choroid of the eye).

  6. Connective tissue forms basis for some hypersensitivity reactions, since mast cells are available in abundance in these tissues.

  7. Connective tissues in important organs help to augment the nutritional needs of these organs in providing tissue fluid in which exchange of nutrients can occur.

  8. Connective tissue help in the process of healing by laying down tough fibroblastic tissue.

  9. Connective tissue has the property of changing from one form of tissue to another in the process known as dedifferentiation or metaplasia.

  10. Anatomy of beauty

    The proportional disposition of panniculus carnosus in the subcutaneous tissues of the body determines what is called beauty in the female and handsomeness in the male. This is very much well recognized by plastic surgeons who use the information to construct aesthetic faces. In the female the subcutaneous fat is more robust than in the male.


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