Carotid body


 Carotid body contains chemoreceptors which excite nerves that pass through the carotid body nerve to reach the brain stem in the medulla where they enter the vasomotor center. At the vasomotor center the peripheral blood pressure is controlled. This chemoreceptor mechanism is not active until systolic blood pressure falls to 80 mmHg.

The chemoreceptors are also present in aortic bodies adjacent to the aorta. Their nerve fibers run in the vagus nerve to reach the vasomotor center of the medulla.











Physiological auscultation












Gross anatomy body
Gross anatomy sinus
Lymphatic drainage
Organ integration
Clinical anatomy



Physiology body
Physiology sinus



Chemical Pathology


Blood vessels physiology    

Baroreceptors are placed in many arteries of the body including the aortic arch and the carotid body and sinus

Gross anatomy



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