Accommodation of eye


The adjustment of the eye  to see sharply an object placed distant or close to the eye   caused by changes in the convexity of the eye lens is called accommodation of the eye. The adjustment in lens morphology is made by 70 suspensory ligaments which are attached to it and which allow the refractive power of the lens to change fom 20 diopters to 34 voluntarily. The suspensory ligaments are attached to the edges of the lens and to the ciliary muscle.

The lens is flattened by the suspensory ligaments but become more spherical when the radial (meriodional) and circular fibers of the ciliary muscle contract, it becomes more spherical due to reduction on the pressure on the lens edges by the suspensory ligaments which are no longer on stretch. The contractions of the ciliary muscle is under the control of mainly the parasympathetic system, with the sympathetic playing very little role.












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