Pharmacology of pituitary gland


Corticoliberin is used to treat Cushing syndrome secondary to pituitary ACTH secretory adenoma.

Somatostatin (octreotide) which is growth hormone release inhibiting hormone drug is used to treat excess growth hormone production as in gigantism or acromegaly. Somatropin is synthetic growth hormone used for treating growth hormone deficiency. Somatorelin is growth hormone release factor drug used in treating growth hormone problems or in diagnostic laboratory tests on growth hormone. Other GnRH hormones which are more long acting such as buserelin, goserelin, nafarelin, deslorelin and leuprorelin are used for treatment of prostate carcinoma where suppression of androgen secretion is paramount. Gonadorelin is used to treat gonadotropin deficiency or deficiency for the sex steroid.  Protilerin is thryotropin release factor drug used in laboratory diagnostics of pituitary gland endocrinopathy.

Prolactin secreting adenoma with hyperprolactinoma can be treated with bromocryptine which is anti prolactin.

Hypophyseal fossa Pituitary gland Pituitary divisions 1 Pituitary divisions 2 Pituitary assembler


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