Histopharmacology of connective tissue


Subcutaneous injection/absorption

This is used for self injection but may be slowed in absorption when compared to intramuscular injection. It therefore favored when there is a need for slow absorption as in implants such as in contraceptives or depot. Hyalurodinase can be used to increase rate of absorption it subcutaneous tissue

Intradermal injection/absorption

This is mostly used in inoculation/vaccination

Aside from the fact that most drugs are absorbed rapidly at connective tissues due to the high vascularization of that region, not many drugs act directly on connective tissue. But all parenteral injections aside from intramuscular/intravenous are deposited in connective tissues.

Liposuction allows fat to be removed through vacuum techniques. Sometimes chemical agents are also injected to burn out fat in subcutaneous tissue.




Chemical Pathology

Anatomical Pathology




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Loose areolar connective tissue







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