A person who has never had sexual intercourse. It could be male or female. In female this is determined by the presence of a hymen. Sometimes categories are made of different kinds of virginity

Anatomical virgin- a person with intact hymen

Physiological virgin- a person whose hymen is torn (e.g. by accident or otherwise) but has never had sexual intercourse previously.

Psychological virgin-  a person whose hymen has been torn by sexual intercourse without her consent-,as in rape or drugging etc.

Surgical virgin- a female whose hymen has been restored by surgical method.

Pure virgin- irrespetive of any category, a pure virgin virgn is one who has not had any penetration or non-pentration sex.

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DIGITAL  LOCATOR OF FEMALE PERINEUM: Layer 1 Layer of skin of female perineum. Layer 2 Layer of superficial fascia of female perineum. Layer 3 Layer of deep fascia of female perineum (Colles fascia). Layer 4 Layer of superficial muscles in superficial perineal pouch of female perineum. Layer 5 Layer of intermediate muscles in deep perineal pouch of female perineum. Layer 6 Layer of deep muscles in deep perineal pouch of female perineum. Layer 7: Pelvic outlet as margins of perineum Layer 1 Layer of skin of female perineum

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Topography 1 Topography 2 Wall Canal Introitus
Fornices Function 1 Function 2 Examination Speculum


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Seven Sexual hygiene laws

  1. 1. No to extramarital intercourse

  2. 2. No to sexual deviant activities

3. No to teen age pregnancy

4. No to female genital mutilation

5. Prevent sexually transmitted infections (STI)

6. Promote natural family planning

7. Promote healthy sexual activities with spouse

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