If you find that your vagina is a bit to lax for your husband's, then begin the so-called Kegel's exercises which helps to strengthen the grip of the vagina on the penis. Perform this exercise, which involves conscious closing and opening of the urethral sphincter in the female, i.e. shut down urine. Do this exercise at least 100 times a day for a month and if possible for longer than that (2 months?). You can do this every night before going to bed. It does not last more than 10-15 minutes. It will improve your grip, make your husband enjoy sex better with you and make you reach vaginal orgasm quickly with quick satisfaction.

 These exercises was originally designed to help stress incontinence which occurs after childbirth due to injury or damage to the pelvic floor during parturition. But it was found to be useful in attaining and maintaining vaginal orgasm in females and probably good ejaculation in male. It the exercise affects the puborectalis and specifically the sphincter vaginae part of it. It thus seems the deep contact which occurs between the vagina wall and the penis is far more important in sexual arousal and climax than just simple touch. This seems to suggest that pressure receptors are important here.

Kegel's exercises in postnatal women





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